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Brief Introduction


Pudong Association always holds different kinds of high-end brand activities as major work and also puts it as main content for uniting overseas students and enhancing its self-construction. At the same time, the association puts returned overseas students as main objects, according to their own actual needs, and helps design their activities’ form and content. All these have been widely praised.
To “light the passion, achieve the dream, returnees training, venture to serve the country” as the theme of “Overseas Chinese Returned Training”. Since its opening, more than one hundred overseas students who have decided to start business in their own country have received relevant training. Training, starting from the actual combat, has a great of innovation on organization, planning and content etc aspects. It also has been highly appreciated by trainees and other relevant departments.
Facing the subject of Shanghai International Financial Center Construction, the association also complies with the demands of the situations development and creates an activity which is named “Overseas Chinese Financial Executives going to Pudong”. The financial professional home and abroad gather in shanghai, feel in pudong and seek common development. Tight organization and thoughtful arrangements have made the largest continuing effect after the activity. This activity has effectively promoted overseas Chinese financial executives to be new forces and wisdom library for financial development in shanghai and pudong. Besides holding our own characteristics and effective economic and scientific theme activities, the association has also achieved outstanding results on entertainment activities which focus on promoting friendship and strengthening exchanges.
From toot, a harmonious Lantern Festival to a mid—autumn Beer Festival with dancing and singing, a biannual event has become an essential content for pudong overseas students in business life.
At the same time, it’s another important work for the association to attract overseas students and let them spare no effort to build shanghai talents. So the association uses its own advantages to host of domestic and international high—end forum and hold in a variety of elegant salons. It’s also got sound effects. Besides these, the most famous one is the International Financial Investment Expo Shanghai Exhibition holding in annual December.