4.11. 2010
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Shanghai Pudong Association of Returned Overseas Scholars


Representatives from pavilions, which are given different awards by the International Exhibitions Bureau, uphold the prize cups at the awarding ceremony in Shanghai on Saturday.

Dear friends,

On the mood of pride, joy and little sadness, the successful and unforgettable 6 months, 184 days of the 2010 World Expo finally finished, may we take this opportunity to thank you all for all magnificent jobs you have done, and congratulations on what you have achieved. We are convinced that the Expo spirit will be carried forward from generation to generation and the vision of 'Better City, Better Life' will become reality.

It was a great opportunity for us to know all of you through EXPO personally or even only per Email, I wish to keep in touch with you all, and you are always welcomed to contact us when you come back to Shanghai.

All the best for all of you and many thanks.


Little Mermaid set for trip back to Denmark

The Little Mermaid, the biggest attraction at the Denmark Pavilion and a star exhibit at Expo 2010, will begin its journey back home by aircraft this week after completing its first trip overseas.

The sculpture will return to her perch in Copenhagen Harbor by the end of November, where a welcome home party will be held.

The Denmark Pavilion has received more than 5.55 million visitors over the past six months, equal to the country's population

More than 60 uniforms were buried

Dietmar Schmitz (third left), commissioner general of the Germany Pavilion, together with other pavilion staff yesterday bury the degradable uniforms worn by the pavilion staff during the past six months at the Houtan Park of the Expo site. More than 60 uniforms were buried , as sign of farewell to the hugely successful six-month event.


Tourism boost
The Expo 2010 Shanghai will bring more than 80 billion yuan in direct income to tourism industries in the Yangtze River Delta region. In the long run, the success of hosting the World Expo will boost industrialization, marketability and urbanization in Shanghai, as well as in neighboring regions. It will also push integrated development in the Yangtze River Delta region.

Managerial lessons
A recent survey showed that private enterprises in China have benefited greatly from the Expo 2010 Shanghai. It has exposed them to new ideas of management and development. Enterprises have been granted access to potential international partners, and have been able to learn from their experience. Learning from competitors that also have exhibitions inside the Expo Garden has enabled private enterprises in China to rethink their targets and development strategies.

Service with a smile
Expo smiles are not just an idea, but an expression of sincerity. Volunteers and staff have impressed visitors from all over the world with their high-quality service and beautiful smiles over the last six months. This friendly attitude is expected to remain in the city after the Expo ends as a symbol of the hospitality of the city and its people.

China revisited
The Expo has served as a window through which the entire world can understand China from different perspectives, different historical times, and from the level of individual citizens to government offices. The event has shown the world a real, confident and responsible China. China has changed, and the world's views about China have changed too. All of these changes will profoundly influence China's development in the future.



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