5 August 2010
Shanghai Pudong Association of Returned Overseas Scholars
■ On August 24th, the Pavilion Directors' Salon of Austria was held at PAROS Bar.
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Ms.Birgit Murr, Vice Commissioner General of Austria pavilion speaking at the salon.

Night of Music

In the evening of August 24, a week after the Polish evening, PAROS organized another wonderful evening of music – the Austrian pavilion Director’s Salon. The honorable guest of this event was Ms. Birgit Murr, the deputy commissioner general of the Austrian pavilion.

At the beginning of the salon, the moderator of the event asked several questions about Austria in order to test PAROS members' knowledge about Austria. For example she wanted to know the name of Austria’s most famous musician and what is the highest mountain in Austria called. She also asked for the names of the neighbor countries of Austria. Guests who had lived in Europe answered those questions with enthusiasm.

Ms. Murr then introduced the Austrian pavilion which is full of musical charm. Austria is well known as the "hometown of music". People associate this country with the classical music of Mozart and Strauss. From above, the Austrian pavilion looks like a guitar laid down on the ground. After entering the pavilion, you will mostly find curved walls and broken lines, this strange shape is the metaphor of music. Meanwhile, the Austrian pavilion used extensively the element of "Chinese porcelain", showing the "Chinese porcelain" exported to Europe since the Middle Ages, returned back to China, which shows the harmony of relation between the two countries. Subsequently, all participants briefly introduced themselves in English, and expressed their favor about the Austrian culture.

PAROS Members also exchanged business cards and talked about their feelings about Austria. After a brief but enthusiastic exchange, Ms. Wolf, PR Manger of PAROS, introduced the service platform of “ExpoFriends”, inviting the friends from home and abroad to take the World Expo as an opportunity to actively participate in “ExpoFriends”. Mr. Cheng, Standing Vice Chairman of PAROS, also announced that “ExpoFriends” is going to organize a series of activities about Traditional Chinese Medicine. The purpose of these activities is to introduce Traditional Chinese Medicine to international guests, and promote the internationalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Austria pavilion Directors' Salon

The Association of Standing Vice Chairman Cheng Dong presented to Ms. Murr a gift: "Shanghai scenery ". Ms. Murr said she was very grateful to PAROS's invitation to this Salon of the Austria pavilion.

Guided by Mr. Cheng, Ms. Murr visited the “PAROS Exhibition of Innovation and Pioneer-Achievement”. She was impressed by the achievement of PAROS whin a decade in Pudong.

Ms. Xu Xiao Lei, musician from the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, performed on her Gu-Zheng ( oriental piano) "The Blossom of Jasmine Flowers" and other songs.

Ms. Murr accepted the interview from a journalist of, which is one of the most popular website in China.

Ms. Murr answered the questions from Ms. You, a journalist from Jiefang Daily.

Ms. Murr and members of PAROS exchanged business cards.

Ms. Murr and members of PAROS talked in pleasant atmosphere.

On August 20

*Cyprus - Love & Sea: Performance of Songs and Dances

On August 21

International Association of Public Transport
*"Choose the public transport, choose a better future," Global Competition on Creative ideas about Public Transportations

On August 22

*Performances of traditional songs and dances of Micronesia

On August 23

*Flamenco show at the occasion of Spanish National Pavilion Day
* Performances on Spanish National Pavilion Day

On August 24

*Symphony Concert on Liechtenstein National Pavilion Day

On August 25

*Vietnamese traditional folk songs and dances

On August 26

*Performance of Nepal National Songs and Dances Group

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