5 August 2010
Shanghai Pudong Association of Returned Overseas Scholars
■ On August 10th, the Pavilion Directors' Salon of Poland was held at PAROS Bar.
On August 6th, the summer camp of Silicon Valley's ethnic Chinese from the United States visited
 the Pavilion of Future in Puxi.

■ The PAROS’ VIPs visited the German Pavilion on August 9th.
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Please contact us ASSP if you wish to be the next host of the Salon!

The host asked several questions about Poland, for example, who is the most famous polish astronomer? Can you name any of two neighbor countries of Poland? Who is the most famous female scientist? The atmosphere was very cordial and all the questions posed at the site were enthusiastically answered by the guests. Mr. Marczewski rewarded all who answered correctly with fine gifts from Poland pavilion.

Poland, welcomes you with a smile!

On the evening of August 10th there were some happy and enthusiastic sounds from PAROS Bar. The Director’s Salon of Poland was hosted by PAROS (Pudong Association of Returned Overseas Scholar). Poland welcomes you just with a smile!

The guests invited to this activity were Mr. Bogdan Marczewski, deputy commissioner general of Poland pavilion of 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and Mr. Andrzej Juchniewicz, Public Relations Manager of Poland Information and Foreign Investment Agency. Mr. Marczewski introduced the design concept of Poland pavilion using PPT. He also showed a video filmed by a Chinese overseas student. These photographers showed us some inspirational images of a beautiful fairy tale like Poland.

On the salon, Miss Inea Wolf, Public Relations Manager of PAROS’ ExpoFriends, introduced PAROS’ “ExpoFriends” service platform to the guests. This platform has been designed to make friends with people all over the world and set the foundation for more extensive international cultural, scientific and technological communication on “post-World Expo” times; and to promote Chinese and foreign high-level meeting services.

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Poland pavilion Directors' Salon

Mr. Marczewski introduced the design concept of Poland pavilion by PPT to everybody. He also showed the dragon-shaped paper-cut in the pavilion, because there is also a well known dragon fable in Poland. It is very similar with China, because the dragon is representative of good luck in both countries.

It is well known that Poland was the home of a very great musician --- Chopin, Mr. Marczewski expressed that music is an essential part in the lives of Polish people and they enjoy music very much. He thinks that music no matter what genre, whether it is classical or modern, jazz, blues or rock and roll, it is enjoyed by all. Then one of our guests performed "Horse Racing" and "Nice Evening" by Erhu. The glamor sounds reflected the friendship between Polish and Chinese people.

Mr. Marczewski visited the exhibition of “Innovation Business Retrospective” accompanied by Ms. Ying Gang, Vice Secretary-General of PAROS. She introduced the business development process in Pudong over the last ten years by Returned Chinese Overseas Scholars. 

In order to warmly thank PAROS for the invitation, Mr. Marczewski presented Ms. Gang with "National Sight Picture Album" of Poland and signedat the first page of the book.

Mr. Juchniewicz from Poland, who studies his Ph.D. in art and literature in Xiamen Universityr; he was appointed as Public Relations Manager of Poland Information and Foreign Investment Agency in the Poland pavilion of Shanghai World Expo 2010.

Mr. Juchniewicz presented some gifts to the guests who answered correctly the questions


PAROS EXPO - Service Union

On August 6th, the summer camp of Silicon Valley's ethnic Chinese from the United States, was launched by Dr. Ping Wu,the former founder of Spredtrum Co Ltd., member of PAROS. The camp was opened at “the overseas Chinese Expo VIP service center”.

On August 9th, French visitors enjoyed the VIP service of German pavilion under the PAROS Expo Services Union

The youth people from Silicon Valley were visiting the Pavilion of Future in Puxi.

On August 13

*Bolivian folk dance show

On August 14

*Ecuador endemic dance performance

On August 15

Equatorial Guinea
*Equatorial Guinea Ceiba National Dance Performance

On August 16

* Panama style cabaret

On August 17

Marshall Islands
*Marshall Battle Dance Performance

On August 18

*Indian Traditional Dance and Song Performances

On August 19

*Afghan traditional song and dance performances

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