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A Trade and Investment Delegation from Ireland Visited Pudong International Talent City

时间:4/25/2013 来源:原创


An Irish Delegation of Trade and Investment held a presentation for the investment projects in Ireland at Pudong International Talent City in the morning of April 23, 2013, interchanging with the audience and having commercial negotiation with the Chinese counterparties. Mr. Peng, the director of Pudong International Talent Development Center had a welcome address and Ms Hua, Secretary General of Council of Pudong International Talent City exchanged the gift with the delegation leader.
The projects brought by the delegation referred to many fields such as IT, website service, software development, real estates, seafood and dairy products process. There were the clear und defined regulations for the company registration, investment, project cooperation, technologies transfer and use of business incubator, which were fully understood by the representatives from companies, individual development parks and the business incubator management in Pudong.
In the afternoon negotiation counterparties for the different projects had deep exchanges and reached bilateral satisfied results.