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Chen Xiaoping

时间:8/8/2010 来源:原创


Self-Challenging without Intermission
Chen Xiaoping, born in Shanghai, used to settle in the USA, and lives in Canada now.
     Since 1984, Chen Xiaoping has successively acted as the deputy factory director of Shanghai Lixin Accounting Supplies Factory, and the general manager of Shanghai Shenlong Trade Co., Ltd., etc. In 1992, he went to Hong Kong, acted as the general manager of Hong Kong Xingxin international Co.,Ltd., and dealt with international trade. In 1994, he went to the USA, acted as the general manager of America Xingxin International Co., Ltd., and dealt with international trade and investment business. In 1998, he returned to Shanghai, and acted as the board chairman of Shanghai Zhongxin Fuel Gas Co., Ltd., a Sino-foreign joint venture. In 2000, he established Shanghai Xingxin Investment Development Co., Ltd, and acted as the board chairman. He has invested in over 10 enterprises in Shanghai and Jiangsu successively.
    Shanghai Xingxin Investment Development Co., Ltd. under the control of Chen Xiaoping is a professional venture investment and financial service institution, and hammers away at investment bank, fund management and assets management. It is among the first batch of member units of Shanghai venture Capital Association, and is also one of the first batch of venture investment companies put on records by Shanghai Development and Reform Commission.
    Chen Xiaoping usually says that, investment in projects is actually investment in "people". In 2008, he decided to invest in a project even without reading the feasibility study report after listening to the other party's introduction to his preparations. "Business is business", and "business" requires attention to moral quality sometimes. What moved Chen
Xiaoping was a resignation report of the other party. The partner that Chen Xiaoping was very familiar with was originally a very young bureau-level cadre, and for this project, he submitted a resignation report to the unit. Chen Xiaoping saw the other party's confidence from this, and thought that the other party had full assurance, and would surely go well up to bridle. "Sometimes, feasibility study report is possibly meaningless, and project investment could not be carried out by following the prescribed order." This is what Chen Xiaoping has learnt from investment. Meanwhile, Chen Xiaoping has invested in many entity projects. For example, he has purchased several enterprises originated from the system reform of state-owned enterprises and joint-stock enterprises, most of which were close to bankruptcy. After being purchased, these enterprises have all been operated by Chen Xiaoping into enterprises with good business performance. There are two tips: firstly, keep old employees, and only dispatch managers to these enterprises; and secondly, change the incentive method, and truly carry out distribution on the basis of labor in the enterprises originated from the system reform of state-owned enterprises.
     Chen Xiaoping has concluded several points therein worthy of aftertaste: select the right management team, and give managers sufficient authorization; in this way, he himself will feel very easy on the one hand, and his employees will make more endeavors on the other hand.Reasonable allocation proposal is another important reason for success. Chen Xiaoping doesn't care much about wealth. He said he is never the owner of wealth, but its dominator. "Letting it go", we will feel easy.
     Chen Xiaoping said he likes self-challenging without intermission, especially when doing business with foreign customers. He said that when doing business with domestic partners, he would surely "make concession if possible"; but if the partners are foreigners, he would surely "not make concession if reasonable". He once negotiated cooperation with an American enterprise ranking first in some industry,
and the other party required absolute holding after both parties' cooperation; Chen Xiaoping opposed the requirement, and besides fifty-fifty profit sharing, he insisted that the control right must be firmly controlled by himself.
      Chen Xiaoping doesn't talk about success at random. He said that maybe he would start a business over again someday, and seek for a new direction from a new field and industry. In his mind, success is a kind of artistic conception, and a kind of leisurely, free and degage state.
    hen Xiaoping is enthusiastic for commonweal and charities, and has made donations for "China Overseas Chinese Photography Exhibition", Shanghai Circle of Returned Overseas Chinese, Hope Project, the battle against SARS, etc. He has provided pecuniary aid of up to over RMB 2 million for social men and his employees in desperate illness and living with difficulties. In 2008, after the Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake, he donated over RMB 100,000.
      As a member of the Political Consultative Conference, Chen Xiaoping always cares about the social situations and public opinions, and participates in and discusses government and political affairs actively. In 2009, during the Meeting of Shanghai Political Consultative Conference, he submitted the overture Suggestions for Constructing Socialist New Countryside -Strengthening the Popularization of Computer Knowledge in Rural Areas, and suggested popularizing informationization and promoting the great development of agricultural productivity. Also, during the meeting, Chen Xiaoping drew up the proposal titled as "Helping Each Other, Overcoming Difficulties Together, Bidding Farewell to the Old and Ushering in the New, and Creating the Future Hand in Hand". He said how to meet challenges with proper spiritual visage and actual actions against the background of global financial crisis before the 60 th anniversary of the founding of New China is an important task confronted by all enterprisers.
      In Chen Xiaoping's office, there are some massive unique stones, and the leopard-shaped mark of "JAGUAR" Automobile symbolizing speed and passion. Chen Xiaoping said he is a strange man; he is quiet mostly, but sometimes, he will have some bold, unrestrained, and wild ideas. Maybe just the conflicting character has made this native man of Shanghai leave Shanghai for Hong Kong, then leave Hong Kong for the USA, and finally return to Shanghai from USA for his career.