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Zhao Jian

时间:8/9/2010 来源:原创


To Grow Up Along with Multimedia Video Wall
As early as 1990s, Zhao Jian, still a student studying in Canada at the time, visited China together with the delegations of the Government of Canada, Montreal, and Quebec and had an in-depth understanding on the development of Mainland China. This further confirmed Zhao Jian's resolution to contribute his talent to China's development.
Zhao Jian suggested, for many times, to the famous International electronics company he worked in that it should set up an office in China. With the support of the company, he returned to China in 1996 to organize and establish the office and to take care of the company’s businesses in Asia. He made positive efforts between the Chinese government and the Canadian government. In the process, he secured a project aided by the Canadian government valued at more than 500,000 Canadian dollars, developed and deployed the first set of commanding and controlling system of power configuration and dispatch for large-screens for Pudong Administration of Power Supply.
With the increase in business, it had new requirements on after-sales services. To build a local technical team initiated in the mind of Zhao Jian, he proposed to the company's head office in Canada to set up a branch in China, but was rejected due to its own considerations.
To realize his dream, Zhao Jian and his wife Zheng Zhihong registered Dartop Computer Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Pudong in 1997. He promoted the DMS power configuration management system he learned in Canada (which incorporated testing, judging, manpower management and equipment maintenance,and performed excellently in comprehensive controlling and communications technologies) as the first product of
his company.
At the beginning, it met difficulties in promoting the product, for it did not fir for the national conditions of China, so the company was in a crisis. Zhao Jian put all his savings into the company.
Zhao Jian realized from this failure that it had to take into account the national conditions and local market when promoting products. Therefore, he revised the development strategy, positioning the product to be promoted as a part of the DMS system - the large screen display system, and programmed interfaces against the SCADA system widely used in China. That was immediately recognized and favored by customers from domestic power systems.
Now, Dartop has entered a virtuous circle of development - from 6 employees at the beginning to dozens of them, from an office of dozens of square meters to a whole floor in Zhangjiang, then to an office center and a R&D and production center of more than 3,000 square meters. From 2005 to 2008, its sales grew continuously, The company was also selected as Shanghai High-tech Enterprise, Shanghai Software Enterprise, Institute of Corporate Technology Development in Pudong New Areas, and National Demonstration Company of Science and Technology, and passed the ISO 9000 Quality Management System certification. Its products have won many proprietary intellectual property rights and honors, as well as titles like "National Torch Plan Project", "Outstanding Software Product", "Outstanding Project of Shanghai Torch Plan”, etc. with sales ranging from Suzhou, Zhejiang and Shanghai in the Yangtze River Delta to more than 300 customers in the telecommunications, public security, transportation, water conservancy & water energy, environmental protection, petrochemical, commodity inspection, urbanization management, government, large enterprises, display and other industries in 26 provinces and cities.
After nearly a decade of hard work, "Dartop" led by Zhac Jian has developed into the leading producer of multimedia video wall. He won successively the "Shanghai Magnolia Memorial Award", the "Award for the Top Ten Distinguished Youths of Pudong New Area" and other honors.
At the turn of this century, Zhao Jian was cordially received by Hu Jintao, General Secretary, Wu Bangguo, Chairman of the People's National Congress and other state leaders. In 2003, Zhao Jian, as a representative of the overseas Chinese, reported to Premier Wen Jiabao at the forum of the Development and Opening-up of Pudong New Pudong New Area his story of and the environment for setting up businesses.