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Cheng Dong

时间:8/11/2010 来源:原创


On the Pod um of the Great Hall of the People
On July 14th,2009,at the 8th Conference for Returned Overseas Chinese and the Family Members of Overseas Chinese held in the Great Hall of the People, Cheng Dong, With the badge of Tongji University on his bosom, was Received by President Hu Jintao and other leaders of the Party and the State as a representative of the 700,000 Returned overseas Chinese and the family members of Overseas Chinese in Shanghai. When taking over the medal Of” advanced unit of the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese” from vice President Xi Jinping, the Federation Of Returned Overseas Chinese Zhangjiang High-tech Park of pudong New Area Branch under his leadership Was granted the top honor as" the best branch in the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese". At the sight of The congratulating smile of the Former president of Tongji University, Wan Gang, who was then vice chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Minister of Science and Technology, all sorts of feelings welled up in his mind.
      In the early 1960s, Cheng Dong was born in Jinzhai
County of Dabie Mountains in Anhui Province. In 1979, he was enrolled by the College of Economics and Management of Tongji University where his talent was brought into full play. In 1983, he won the first prize in the Shanghai College Student Martial Art Competition; as the leader of the school martial art team, he established the Tongji University Martial Art Association. In the meantime, he performed equally well as the president of Student Union of the College of Economics and Management; he showed his remarkable leadership by organizing various public service activities and work-study programs. After graduation he became a teacher in Tongji University and his excellent teaching skills distinguished him as the "New Long March Pace-Setter", an honor granted by the Shanghai municipal authority. He also worked as the secretary of League committee and won the title of "Excellent Cadre of Communist Youth League".
      There was a bright future ahead for him. Nevertheless, Cheng Dong was not satisfied. Believing that one should acquire as much knowledge as possible when young, he decided to leave Tongji University to pursue further education abroad, with determination and perseverance. In the autumn of 1989, as he could not afford the expensive air ticket, he took a train to Germany passing six other countries including Russia. There he studied for a master's degree in computer information management. To cover the tuition and living
expenses, he taught Taijiquan (shadow-boxing) in the sports college. His hobbies not only colored his life overseas but also won him the "Contribution Award for Foreign Culture Ambassador". As soon as he graduated, he was offered a position in a German software company as an engineer of software development and project management.
      Just as a saying goes, east and west, home is best. Cheng Dong, together with his family, returned to Shanghai in 1999 and embarked on a long and arduous journey of his own career.
      As soon as he was back to China, he introduced to his Yingta IT Cooperation the advanced GIS (Geographic Information System) by cooperating with German-based Siemens and developed the "Real Estate and Land Information Management System" for the Shanghai
Administrative Bureau for Real Estate and Land. This system played a key role in government officials' registering of the land and real estate ownership. Professor Li Deren, a famous academician, appraised this system as well-designed, multi-purpose, user-friendly, and practical; he also pointed out
that it could rival the most advanced technology in this field all over the world. One official from the Ministry of Land and Resources commented that the "Real Estate and Land Information Management System" was a good example illustrating that the enterprises could assist the government in the management of the land and resources information.
       Since 2000, Chen Dong has successfully accomplished many other major software development projects. For example, the "On-line System for Local Tax Return and Payment", developed by his company, was adopted by almost all the tax bureaus of Anhui Province and was well received, bringing in both economic returns and social benefits. These successful projects won Cheng Dong and his company a favorable reputation. The achievement show of his company attracted many leaders of the State and the Party, including Zhu Rongji, Hu Jingtao, Wu Bangguo and Li Keqiang who also kindly talked with Cheng Dong face to face.
      To repay this land that has nutured him, Cheng Dong, successful in his career, showed his gratitude to the society with keen and pure emotions of a Diabie Moutain boy by organizing various social activities.
      The Federation of Overseas Chinese Zhangjiang High-tech Park of Pudong New Area Branch (or Zhangjiang Branch for the purpose of this article) under his leadership was one of the first associations for overseas Chinese in national high-tech parks. As in the Zhangjiang High-tech Park there were more new returned overseas Chinese and more high-tech talents compared with other areas, Cheng Dong introduced the concept of modern enterprise management into the management of NGO (non-governmental organization) and decided to manage the Zhangjiang Branch commercially for the public good. With this underlying notion, he specified the goals of the branch, established the management mechanism, rearranged the resources and organized a professional team. He carried out various activities for nearly 10,000 returned overseas Chinese, including the "Training Program for Returned Overseas Chinese", "2007 Lujiazui Forum for Financial Talents", and "2008 Executives'Journey to Pudong", which were applauded by both the local government and the overseas Chinese at home and abroad. Now in the Zhangjiang Branch there is a staff of 12,responsible for the management of the Zhangjiang High-tech Park for Overseas Chinese of nearly 10,000 square meters. In the meantime, the Zhangjiang Branch has a long-term partnership with more than 30 Chinese community organizations overseas for cooperation and information sharing. Now an increasing number of returned overseas Chinese are attracted to Pudong New Area, Zhangjiang in particular, where they are able to start their own undertakings.
      The year of 2009 witnessed a crucial turning point for Cheng Dong. Born in a poor family in the country side, he grew up into an excellent student cadre in a famous university and he rose to the top podium of the Great Hall of the People from starting up his business in Zhangjiang as an overseas students with a heart to rapay his country. This should not have come as a surprise: this great era produces talents like Cheng Dong who in turn contribute to the greatness of this era.