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Information Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai trucks

时间:9/8/2010 来源:原创

Information Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai trucks registered in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park is a high-tech enterprise, registered capital of 2.1 million yuan.

Information Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai trucks main business is based on the Internet and wireless communication networks to provide users with real-time location information, information, entertainment and other services. Products to mobile communications company based in the state service as the core, in order to highlight the information interaction in order to support third-party value-added services for the purpose, consistent with industrial production, consumption and services. By studying the key technologies related to the establishment of a typical application of the model to stimulate information services and content in a revolutionary leap forward.

Proprietary technology development through the completion of "auto information service operating platform", including: 1) run on various types of car information terminals, provide various features for the owners of information services, "vehicle information service terminal software" system; 2) to the owner and other auto-related information services provide the "vehicle information service portal"; 3) built on top of the Internet to feature vehicle information service point for the profit, "a central, managed, can operate" and "Auto Information Service Operation Center
(carstar) ". To a new business model, converged communications, information and automotive industries, to provide 3c (computer, communication, consumptive electronics) integration of products and services, to lead people into it car of the times.