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Brazil Director’s Salon on the 12th of October

时间:10/14/2010 来源:原创


Brazil-Pulsing Cities: Feel the Life of Brazilian Cities
The tropical-forest-like Brazil Pavilion shows off the cultural diversity and dynamism of Brazilian cities with the theme "Pulsing Cities: Feel the Life of Brazilian Cities." Brazil invites visitors to touch upon the beat and pulse of its cities. The architectural project of the pavilion was conceived to present visitors with an interactive virtual show, based on audiovisual stimuli using existing models in Brazil, such as the Portuguese Language Museum and Football Museum, for example.
On the 12th of October we had the honor to welcome Mr. Pedro Wendler, Pavilion Director of the Brazil Pavilion to our weekly event “Directors’ Salon” in our PAROS bar. He was accompanied by his staff member Desi Fernandez, Press officer of the Brazil Pavilion.
After visiting the PAROS Exhibition in the Foyer, the “Directors Salon“ was opened in the PAROS Bar. The Brazilian delegation was introduced to the guests, before we asked some questions about Brazil. The audience needed to find out which language Brazilian people speak, who was the designer of Brazil’s capital Brasilia, something about football and what is Caipirinha and Churrasco?
Mr. Wendler gave us a really colorful insight of vivid Brazil: the culture, the people, economics, sports and the Sino-Brazil Relation.
Relationship between the two countries goes back to the 1800’s when Chinese tea growers first came to Brazil. The relationship between the two countries has grown ever since and their close bond is today of global significance. The Shanghai World Expo 2010 presents a valuable opportunity to strengthen that historic bond, while presenting an opportunity to develop new areas of cooperation.
Mr. Wendler introduced the popular Brazilian sport: “Footvolley” to the audience and that the pavilion presents Brazil as nation with many different facets and will show off the cultural diversity of Brazilian cities, their dynamism and, of course, the ever-present football fever! He could imagine a plane full of PAROS members visiting Brazil for the next World Cup.