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International Networking session at the Zhangjiang Hi-Technology Park

时间:10/29/2010 来源:原创

On 28th October 2010 PAROS and the Colombia pavilion received a delegation of 8 Columbian Universities to visit the Hi-Technology Park.

After an introduction of PAROS given by Mr. Dong Cheng, Standing Vice Chairman we visited the German Center, the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Museum and DARTOP Technology Shanghai Co. Ldt., introduced by Mr. Zhao Jian, CEO.
Colombia’s delegation under the leadership of Ms. Marta Lucía Villegas Botero, President of ICETEX: Mr. Manuel Acevedo, Director of EAFIT Bogotá, Ms. Jeannette Vélez, Chancellor Universidad del Rosario, Ms.Luz Amalia Rios, Head office of scientific research Universidad de Caldas, Mr. Ricardo Gómez, Director Universidad de Caldas, Ms. Martha Osorio, Directress of International Cooperation Universidad del Norte, Mr. Jesús Gálvez, Head of the Pacific –Asia Department Universidad del Norte, Ms. Jeannie Caicedo, Directress of Lenguage Department Universidad del Norte, Mr. Luis David Prieto Martinez, Secretary of International Affairs Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Mr. Manuel Cancelado Jimenez, Vice Principal of Researches and Transfers Universidad de la Salle, Ms. Victoria Cruz de Medina, Directress of International Affairs Universidad de la Sabana, Mr.Julio Ernesto Medina Romero, Advisor, Ms. Nohora Edith Bryan Zambrano, Department of foreign cultures and languages, Universidad de la Sabana, Ms. Ivonne González de Pindray, Department of foreign cultures and languages, Universidad de la Sabana, Ms. Lina María Luna Beltrán, Scholar in China Universidad del Externado, Ms. Adriana Escobar, Advisor and Mr. Andres Fajardo, Advisor.
During the visit the guest got an impression of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park what it is and how it works and made new relationships with different institutions.
They appreciate the visit and returned full of new idea and inspiration back to their hotel, looking forward for new cooperation with PAROS. Next month 200 Colombian students want to make internship in Chinese companies.